The Journey II

After receiving such lovely feedback from the previous post, I thought I’d keep this consistent with new insights. In today’s post, I’d like to speak about something almost every successful person you know has, a solid morning routine. Emphasizing on the ways to kick-start your day and keep your productivity boosting.

Morning Routine

Ever since I was in primary school, I remember my dad constantly nagging me to wake up early in order to prepare for the day. It was something that just made no sense to me at the time, with me rebelling by staying in bed for longer and getting annoyed. As I transitioned through high-school, that mentality stayed with me & I was still grumpy and dreaded getting out of bed any earlier than I really needed to. Things started to change as I phased into university life, when I started staying on my own.

I learnt that waking up early enough to make the 8 am lectures wasn’t all that fun. I needed to wake up early enough to make something to eat, fetch the other people in the lift club, and STILL try to find parking on campus. Which as we all know can be an Olympic sport on its own. There was a lot to be done at the earliest hours of the day & I couldn’t slack around if I wanted to keep things in order. 

After I tried approaching my mornings with more positivity, the outcome of my days completely changed. I was so much more productive & energetic when I looked forward to waking up early. The key to having a successful day I realized, was having enough time to comfortably structure & start the day.  Starting your morning earlier, means you’re creating more time during your day, to make the most of the 86400 seconds you have. (This entails getting the healthy amount of 7-8 hours of sleep)

Herein are a few of the habits I’ve implemented into my morning routine:

Morning pages: A technique in which you journal at the start of your morning to clear your mind of any lingering or cloudy thoughts from dreams or the previous day. It doesn’t have to speak about anything specific, it’s used to express yourself & allow your thoughts to have an outlet. 

Praying (Gratitude) : This is just something that personally grounds me & allows me to keep going. Think of all that you are grateful for and start your day with thankfulness, it’ll only make you appreciate life more holistically. A personal motto of mine is : “The more you give, the more you get”,  all I can say is that it hasn’t failed me. 

Meditating: Definitely don’t need to speak about how beneficial this has been. Clear your mind and connect with yourself for a few minutes. Treat every moment like it could be your last. 

Showering: This may be obvious to some of you, but also something many people tend to underestimate. Starting your day off with showering goes a long way more than just cleansing your body. It’s a way to cleanse your mind by allowing the free flow of ideas & letting go of any residual thoughts.

Eating: DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST! I know damn well you’ve all heard this a million times before, yet still try to carry out a full day without breakfast. It’s extremely vital to eat a wholesome meal & to stay hydrated before setting out on adventuring. It sustains your energy levels & keeps the blood sugar level consistent. It also allows for your mind to stay well-nourished. 

To-do lists: This to me is one of the most structuring aspects of the morning routine. Setting out your objectives for the day. When you have a to-do list, you make yourself feel a little more responsible for the task at hand, because you have physical proof of it. Start off with simple things, such as making your bed, and tick that off at the very start of your day. It allows you to feel motivated considering you’ve already achieved a task for the day, and it’ll keep you boosting to want to tick off the rest.

There are a lot of other helpful tricks that can help you achieve stupendous results on a daily basis. I’ve discussed some of the techniques I’ve found useful to me; writing, praying, meditating, showering, eating & setting up a to-do list. The aim is to figure out what combination works best for you, and keep consistent with it. After a week of this, you’ll feel the difference and get addicted to early mornings! 

Choose the latter, live as though everything is a miracle. Wake up with a smile on your face and feel grateful for having another beautiful day,then tell yourself you’re going to have a spectacular day. It won’t let you down ;). 


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